Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bookcrossers Meet-Ups

During KLAB, we tried promoting BC and our activities to the public. One of the questions asked was what do we do during our monthly meet-up? Well, here's a short report posted on our yahoogroup site of the last meet-up we had on 27 April for the preparation of KLAB. You are welcome to join us at our next one. More details of the event will be posted here later.

"Well, it was a meet-up that was meant for us to discuss the preparations of our participation in the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Alternative Bookfest. When I arrived at Sri Melaka at 1pm, AuntyJo had already set-up the table with our signage and mountain of books laid-out. Soe Chin had already started enjoying her meal when I said hello, so the echo of greeting came back from those who were not masticating their food i.e. Emily, Diyana and Azmi.

It was lunch hour so we all got down to business ordering our food la when Azwan (our VIP of the day, since we had to pay him for the participation fees, heh-heh) sauntered in wearing his “Alif-ba-ta, Pak Ali mata buta, nak cium anak dara, tercium buntut kuda” t-shirt. And when Tim arrived a little later, the conversation was already going earnestly.

So what did we talk about? Honestly, I now have no clue. With a group whose reading tastes ranges from children’s books to erotica and everything else in-between, well, our conversations as you can guess are equally as eclectic. Did we actually discuss books? Errrr… a little, I remember discussing whether or not that fountain scenein Atonement is one of the most erotic scenes in literature (subtle,but erotic. The movie did that scene well as well, heh-heh), Emily encouraging me to go to Bookxcess and me reading excerpts from that survival guide (to which Azwan remarked that a specific survival guide needs to be written especially for me since the scenarios Iget myself into are so improbable and are unique only to me, sigh :P) Yes, that’s pretty much all I can remember what we discussed on books (and as you’ve noticed, all that I remember concerns only me,muahahahahahah! Narcissistic isn’t it? :D

Anyways, as always, our meet-ups are always enjoyable as the company and the conversation is always rocking! By the time we had our desserts (ais kacang, sago gula Melaka & coffee if you must know), ZZA walked-in with the plastic bag of books to be released at the meet-up. Tim and I also brought some to pass to the rest to release next weekend, since we all will not be able to make it to the event. Anyways, summary of what is decided for the event
- Instead of a table, Emily will bring a mini-bookshelf (a.k.acolouring box) for us to place our books
- Azwan will bring his notebook to walk people through theregistration process and tayang the website and all
- Emily will print-out the flyers explaining what BC is all about

Sesiapa yang free, silalah datang pada hari-hari tersebut to placeyour books and to help out with promoting BC. Well, that’s pretty much what happened yesterday. I’ve also uploaded the pix in our Photos folder on this site, Emily, you may wantto add yours in. Azmi, since there’s gaps in my memory (ok la,selective memory), please add-on whatever else you remember from yesterday ya. Hope you all show up at the KLAB! TA!"

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