Sunday, May 4, 2008

KLAB Day 2

Here’s my update at approximately 5pm which was posted at our yahoogroup.

Hello folks, A quick update before the madness of the wedding starts. Checked with Azwan and Soe Chin yesterday how many books we have left for today, and from the reports, apparently there were about 20 left at day-end. So, by hook or by crook, I decided to pop over for a shortwhile to drop-off the 50 odd books I have (only managed to register 30 late night though, and that took about 3 hours! Sigh ... I hate dial-up!!?!) Anyways, when I got there at approx 2pm (yeah, I got lost getting to Central Market), Azwan, Jojo and Hath were already manning the booth and there were more than enough reinforcement. A short while later, Monast and Azmi came with more books so we were set for the rest of the day. Response was really encouraging or as Azwan put it "Wah! Laris!".

While we were there, there were a few who dropped by and when we enticed them to pick-up some books, claims that they were already BCers. Wow! Hope to see them at our meet-ups. Most who dropped bywere also quite intrigued by the concept, so hopefully we will see more of them. Hath and Jojo took some photos of the day, so hopefully we will see them here or in the blog that Emily just set-up. Oh ya, we were also talking about setting-up another OBCZ (Official Bookcrossing Zone) at a cafe somewhere. Let's discuss this at our next meet-up.

Well, that's all for the update folks. Gotta go. Ta!

And here’s Azwan’s update at day-end.

When the event officially closed at 6.00pm, I was the last bookcrosser there. I left the place with these: Emily's tablecloth, extension power chord & blue Ikea canvas bag. And only those things, which means, yup, all books have been taken! Yes, all books! Not even one! The last set of books on the table which was consistedof some old/classic accounting, corporate management books, 'How To Deal With Shares' etc, even that were taken! (and the old cookbooks, Sweet ValleyHigh stuffs, that thin excerpt book, very old How To Learn Mandarin books,books that we at first suspected would never be picked up by anyone there!)Totally unbelievable! I'm still in a state of excitement with the result.

The leftover bookcrossing flyers, printed & brought by Hathiya I think, I left them inside Ricecooker Shop (that independent music shop one floordown). Around 4.00 or 5.00 pm, I wild released one book by Sue Grafton, just left it outside the hall, somewhere at the stairs. After few minutes, I checked it back, it was gone! Jojo & Mona have also done some wild release around the Central Market, I hope by now, the books have the same luck too. And yeah, the lists of potential bookcrossers are with me. We need to do follow up later. Maybe by now, some of them have already registered in the main website. Can immediately invite them to join this Yahoo group. Celebrities, well-known & high profile people took our books too, likeKhatijah Tan (the award-winning actress), Zainah Anwar (Sisters In Islamdirector), Lina Usman (the late National Laureate Usman Awang's daughter), local writers & art people, professors & academician from local universities, etc.

Thank you everybody who showed up with books & helped around, especially Emily & Jojo. To be honest, the event is one of my best moments in my lifeso far, really! (And I managed also to finally meet & talk to Nik Nazmi (the young & new Yang Berhormat & Selangor MB's assistant who came to launch Kakiseni's script book. He is the one who published my poem through theonline magazine back in 2001/2002, my first poem ever to bepublished publicly. He remembered it. He wrote about it in his blog. Andtoday he bought Aweks KL too, also the first book for me).

Pictures will come later.

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