Sunday, May 18, 2008

Published Novel by Newbie ~ Saradha Narayanan

The Freedom of Choice by Saradha Narayanan
I read Saradha's book in one seating. Copies of the lovely hardcover book are available at Silverfishbooks!

REMEMBER THIS ARTICLE FROM NST? Correction is in order ~ According to Saradha, Dr Mohan and his family members mentioned there are not related to Saradha ~ although her husband is also Mohan and a Dr too! What a coincidence!

"The journalist, Ms Malina Jeya Palan, had been hovering at and around our stall the whole time when Dr Mohan and family were seen visiting our stall! She managed to corner the entire clan and whisked them off to the back room for the interview! Dr Mohan pointed out one particular book "How I Became Stupid" to one of his young charges. I believe Katie's new friend, Saradha is Dr Mohan's wife?"

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